“Umm…..yummyyyy!! My God, this nutty nut is really delicious”….Elsa said in between putting a spoonful of the chutney into her mouth, relishing on the taste she asked”. Grammy please give me some more” and her grandmother lovingly replied “no, my dear child you had had enough for the day’,”please gramma”..”ok,,,ok but this it is the last don’t ask for any more, ok? If you will eat too much of it your little tummy might get upset sweetheart and then you will have to take nutmeg oil to cure it” the grandmother said tickling her grand-daughter’s tummy, giggling the 10 year old asked with curiosity “So nutmeg has medicinal quality as well??” “Nutmeg has many qualities and uses dear and ….” ”And may I know what are they?” Hearing a third voice, the grandmother and the grandchild turned around to see , it was Elsa’s mother entering the kitchen “These days I’m hearing a lot about nutmegs, suddenly it is like nutmeg is everywhere! “…The old lady smiled and said ”Ah Rosy! Come, sit dear and have some porridge and nutmeg chutney and while you are eating I will tell you the healthy benefits of nutmeg”. Rosy sat beside her mother with her porridge and chutney and the old lady started telling her daughter the health benefits of the Nutty Nutmeg!

a20“The Nutmeg is a very good brain booster, it energizes your brain and relieves you from stress and anxiety. It brings you out of your depressive mood and vanishes your lethargy and it is like your brain has a inversely proportional relation with your negative emotions, with decrease in stress, depression and anxiety your mind’s concentration power increases and it is said that the ancient Greeks and Germans used to use it as a brain tonic. It is a very good pain reliever as well child, you remember Rachel my college friend who always used to complain about joint pains, she tried the nutmeg balm and it actually worked! So it is very good in soothing joints aches and pains and arthritis and I heard that these days it is also available in the soap form . It is also very effective in curing digestion related problems like diarrhea and constipation. It also play the role of cleanser to liver and kidney, the nutmeg tonic does the magic. It has one more use it not only cleanses your inside but also cleanses and beautifies your outside, its powder can be used as a scrub.” Rosy chewing her food slowly was trying to digest everything her mother was sharing with her…her mother continued” And yes the other day you were telling me about you having some sleeping troubles, nutmeg is your remedy sweetie. It is said that nutmeg is very helpful in curing insomnia…So that was the nutty nutmeg in a nutshell…! But this was only about the nut, even the roots and even leaves of the nutmeg tree has medicinal values…want some more porridge ?”…”No ma I’m done. I didn’t knew nutmeg has so many medicinal benefits! And give me the recipe of this chutney please, it is really very tasty and it looks like even the little one liked it””Yeah sure, it is very simple note down the recipe”.

Nutmeg Chutney
Ingredients :

  • Outer Fleshy cover of nutmeg
  • Grated coconut
  • Red chili
  • Salt

Grind all the ingredients together in a mixer. Empty the content of the mixer in a bowl, garnish it with coriander leaves and serve fresh!