The Nutritious NUTMEG – Facts about Nutmeg

Is it a spice? Or nut? Or a fruit?? oh friends it is everything, actually it is nutty fruit that gives two different world famous spices nutmeg and mace! The fruit and its seed both are called as nutmeg.

The fruit is divided into three parts the outer shell, the aril (mace) and the seed (nutmeg). Every part of this fruit is useful in some or the other way. The mace spice is obtained from the aril of the seed, the aril is dried in the sun and then powdered to obtain the spice. The seed is also sun dried and then powdered to prepare the nutmeg spice. The way nutmeg plays the role of spices efficiently, it performs more effectively than that as a medicine. Our ancestors has been using this nut as a medicine from centuries. It is used as a natural remedy for many ailments. The medicinal properties and health benefits of nutmeg makes it a distinction in the world of spices, nuts and fruits!

Nutmeg is also called as the ‘Spice tree’. Being evergreen in nature, through out its radiates its green shimmer standing tall. But to fructify it takes almost 7 to 9 years, but once it starts there is no looking back! Once fully grown, it reaches upto 50­ to 60 feet height from the ground.

IMG_0518 Health benefits of nutmeg

• A great antioxidant: Nutmeg contains various chemical compounds from the plant, these chemicals present in the nutmeg derived from the plant acts as antioxidant. Antioxidants decelerates the oxidation of molecules which results in the creation of free radicals. Free radicals when present in our body in excess amount destroys healthy cells and also leads to various dreadful diseases. Anti­oxidants prevents the body from such conditions.

• A storehouse of minerals: The spices derived from nutmeg contains iron, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc etc. These minerals are very essential for the overall health of the body. These minerals helps in keeping the blood pressure normal and the rate of heart beats in control. Some of these minerals also helps in the production of red blood cells, aids in the formation of hemoglobin, increases the metabolism and strengthens the bones. Minerals like copper present in the spices of nutmeg improves the functioning of brain and improves the quality of skin.

• A warehouse of vitamins: Nutmeg contains vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin A, niacin etc. Vitamin A is very essential for keeping our vision healthy and strong and also for good skin. It also strengthens the immunity system which acts as a defensive shield against the infections. Vitamin C is a great healer, it aids in quick healing of wounds and boosts the immunity system. It keeps the cholesterol levels in control. Niacin or Vitamin B3 is good for arthritis, controlling cholesterol, insomnia, motion sickness etc. Nutmeg also have Riboflavin and folic acid in it. Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is very useful in burning fat, relieving stress & anxiety and improving metabolism. Folic acid is a part of Vitamin B family. It helps in protecting the cells from getting damaged and supports their development.

n7The Medicinal Properties Of Nutmeg

 A brain stimulant: from centuries, Greeks and Romans has used nutmeg as a brain boosting tonic. The various nutrients present in nutmeg calms the mind at the same time activates it. Concentration plays a very vital role in our day to day life and nutmeg helps in improving the concentration, increases the focusing power of brain thereby improving your performance at office. It can also be given to children. A focused and concentrated mind will help children to excel in their academic and extra­curricular activities.

 Anxiety and depression reliever: stress from work pressure and home problems are common among adults these days, the competition has increased so much today that even children have been dragged into this world of competition. Anxiety and stress has become and part of life and depression is the by­-product of it. Nutmeg’s soothing properties will help in getting relief from anxiety, stress and depression.

 A relief from pain: if you are suffering from aching joints and paining muscles then nutmeg is your aid. Nutmeg oil when applied to the affected area give instant relief from the pain and aches. Nutmeg oil will be of great use to those who are having arthritic problems and muscle sores. The nutmeg spice was used by Chinese people as a treatment to stomach ache and inflammation. This spice was very famous among the ancient Chinese.

 A cure for digestion problems: with today’s unhealthy eating habits, indigestion gives a frequent visit to the stomach. All the acidic and junk food causes a real trouble to the stomach leading to constipation, gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea etc. Again Nutmeg plays the role of saviour! It clears out the over gas present in the stomach region. It helps in curing indigestion and relieving stomach aches. It boost the process of digestion and metabolism.

 A remedy for sleeplessness: tired from the whole days chores and tedious work at night all you want is a good night sleep, but unfortunately all you are able to do is toss and turn on the bed. It happens because of un­relaxed mind and stress and anxiety. Nutmeg acts as a sedative. It soothes your mind and slowly drifts you into a deep slumber. A glass of milk and a pinch of nutmeg and you are off to sleep! Children at night are given milk mixed with nutmeg powder, so they get a good night sleep and wake up all fresh and energetic. If your body does not get enough of sleep, it may wear out. So, with nutmeg you can actually save yourself from the insanity of insomnia.

 A skin care cosmetic: keeping your skin acne free smooth and clean is a herculean task in today’s polluted environment and junk food era. Many opt for chemical cosmetics to protect the skin and keep it clean, but as every one knows chemical products has their own side effects. But what if you can get a clean and clear skin naturally? Nutmeg will provide you with a healthier and glowing skin. Its powder can be used as a scrub and a face pack. It will help in clearing blackheads and whiteheads. It also works wonderfully on acne and scars. It helps in removing the excess oil from the face that is main reason for whiteheads, blackheads and acne. A paste of nutmeg powder and honey will make your face look radiant and beautiful.

 A great detoxifying agent: toxins are terrific for the body. Kidney and liver are the two places where the toxins starts getting accumulated. Nutmeg flushes out these toxins from the liver. It was found that nutmeg can help in dissolving kidney stones and is very effective in giving relief from liver diseases. When toxins get cleared out of kidney and liver, they are able to perform better. Detoxification also helps in getting a clear skin.

 A breath of freshness: nutmeg has got antibacterial properties which prevents bad breath. It fights the bad breath causing bacteria and keeps the breath fresh. Nutmegs antibacterial properties also prevent the tooth and gums from decay.

 A relief from toothache: nutmeg oil contains eugenol. Eugenol is very efficient in providing relief from toothache. This is the reason why most of the toothpastes contains it. It is antiseptic as well.

n4The relation of Nutmeg and Diabetes

Oh they have a very good relationship, actually a healing relationship! Researchers across the world have found that seeds of nutmeg can be used to control the drastic condition of diabetes. Diabetes is caused due to deficiency of insulin. Insulin is the transporter of glucose to the body cells, the body cells uses this glucose as a fuel to run the engine of the body. When there is not enough of insulin to perform this, the glucose starts getting accumulated in the blood and is not able to fulfill its purpose. When the glucose present in the blood is not broken down due to insufficiency of insulin, it leads to diabetes. In the diabetic condition the level of fat increases in blood which leads to cardiovascular diseases. What is the role of nutmeg? In the research, it was found that nutmeg is very effective in bringing down the fat and glucose level in blood. It supports the pancreas and helps in releasing insulin from the pancreas where insulin is produced. All these activities will ultimately aid in managing the diabetic condition.

Nutmeg and weight loss

The causes of obesity are many overeating, fat deposition, dull metabolism, stress and anxiety being the main ones. Now nutmeg deals with all of these causes except for overeating, only you can help yourself with this cause! Nutmeg is highly nutritious such as its various nutrients helps in burning fat faster thereby removing the excess fat that has accumulated in your body. When the excess amount of fat is removed automatically you loose weight. Nutmeg improves metabolism. An active metabolic activity helps in converting the calories that you intake into energy. Now this again will help in lowering the numbers on your weighing scale. Researches found the stress and anxiety are one of the main cause of obesity. Nutmeg helps in soothing stress and anxiety. In short, nutmeg does help in loosing the extra pounds in a natural way.

Nutmeg and pregnancy

There has been a lot of confusion whether taking nutmeg is okay during pregnancy? Know a little of the nut won’t do any harm, but when consume in large amount during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. So stick to the term moderation, in terms of nutmeg. Pregnancy is a very delicate phase in a women’s life, and one has to be very careful of what they consume during this period. So just remember just a pinch and not more or better wait and use it after pregnancy.

IMG_0527Nutmeg and babies

For babies also nutmeg should be used in small quantities only. In general when nutmeg used in small quantities can do wonders, but when used in excess can be equally thunderous! It is definitely a miraculous fruit! It is completely natural and beneficial. That is the wonder of nature has everything that is needed for humans the only thing is human has to keep their eyes open to the exquisite of nature!

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