Nutmeg Nursery in Kerala – How to choose the right plant

n17There are plenty of nutmeg nursery in and around Kerala. There are various reasons why you should not choose them and there are specific reasons why they are good too. Before choosing a plant, it’s important to understand certain qualities of the plant itself. Nutmeg is not a one season crop. It stays for a life time and it’s important that you chose wisely. The best saplings should come out of the best plants. Have you ever wondered where the sapling comes from? The mother plant is often not displayed by any of the Nutmeg nursery in Kerala. Kallingal plantations takes pride in providing the best saplings and you can see the mother plant at Kallingal plantations.

For various reasons educating the person who purchase saplings from Kallingal was necessary. Due to factors of weather, soil and other natural differences, Nutmeg saplings can vary in growth and production over a period of time. Kallingal plantations and Ciby takes pride in educating farmers about the quality of each of these saplings and help people decide on what to buy and what not to buy. There are times when Ciby has asked farmers not to purchase from Kallingal plantations as the plants will not grow to the conditions of the farmer’s land and geography. We, at Kallingal, take pride in every single sapling which goes from here and are keen on providing the best to get the reputation our plants deserve.

n14The nutmeg nursery in Kallingal plantation is one of the few which has the best mother plants for display. You can see trees which are 40 years old and more and the whole process of creating saplings. The prices for the saplings too are nominal as compared to various other nutmeg nursery in Kerala. For more information please email us or use the contact us form.

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