1958034_738144472871336_643310328_nWhile most people think of nutmeg, they think of the spice with a strong odor and a pungent taste. Of course Nutmeg cannot be consumed on its own. Fortunately nutmeg adds a flavor to the food we cook and specially adds the aroma most people desire. But wait, Nutmeg is not just a spice which adds flavor and taste to your banquet. It has more to offer.

Did you know that Nutmeg adds some health benefits to the diet and recipe? Be amazed. Below are some of the Health Benefits of Nutmeg which you probably overlooked.

Nutmeg the Brain Booster

Ancient Greeks and Romans used Nutmeg as a Brain booster. Nutmeg enables your brain to work faster, efficiently and reduce stress and anxiety. Talk about natural remedies for stress and anxiety in today’s time where every other person is suffering from it. Adding a pinch of Ground Nutmeg to your recipe will not just add flavour to your food but benefit your overall mental health. Nutmeg has been proven to be one of the best brain boosters available helping people concentrate.

Nutmeg as a Pain Killer

Now everyone knows the ordeal of going through a small bum in the head which lasts for weeks or that fall from the park bench where the pain lasts for months. Children are common among those who fall and hurt themselves with their constant activities. Pain killers today are packed with chemicals which could be very hazardous otherwise. A natural remedy could have been one of the best to opt for especially for children. Nutmeg has special ingredients which are active pain killers of all kind. Free from any side effects, natural and safe too.

a10Detox with Nutmeg

Nutmeg is one of the best ingredients to add on a detox diet. Efficient in cleansing your liver and kidney, nutmeg is a natural product which can be used efficiently to remove toxins. The Nutmeg included diet in your Detox diet helps you to get over the toxins in lesser time required. Nutmeg also helps in removing kidney stones. Nutmeg as a tonic is one of the most efficient ways to help you detox and in a healthier greener way.