Nutmeg has been studied by researchers over the past few decades. The tall claims about the use of nutmeg in various forms have been verified over the years too. Why is nutmeg so famous? The uses of nutmeg is in various forms. The powder is used as a spice in food. During the second world war and shortly after that, nutmeg was used for abortion. The Chinese used Nutmeg oil as a pain relief medication. The Egyptians had their own use of Nutmeg too.

b4Nutmeg is simply a tropical spice with various uses. Like any other spice, there are some features which make nutmeg special. Over the years, many natural researches have found various benefits to Nutmeg. To name a few, Nutmeg is a great pain relief (something the Chinese knew about a few hundred years ago). Its great to soothe stress and anxiety but with excessive use there may be issues which are unpredictable too. Nutmeg, in its natural form has 3 ingredients. Nutmeg fruit is the one which is used for preparation of wines and pickles. The fruit itself has little value in the market. The pickles have no medicinal value but its a great food in general rich in various minerals and vitamins.

The second ingredient is the Shell of the seed / Nut. The shell is termed to be one of the most expensive and in the local language known as the Jathi Pathiri. This part is usually dried before selling and is the actual spicy ingredient. Expensive through out the year, Jathi pathiri is the one part which indicates the quality of the plant and the nutmeg.

The core, the nutmeg seed is the second most used part worldwide and for various reasons. in the form of oil to powder the nutmeg has its own uses and values. Medicinal values apart, nutmeg is one of the most popular spice ingredients in food through out Europe and India.