Kallingal Plantation houses the best quality Nutmegs and nutmeg saplings in the southern part of India. Preserving the best quality of Nutmeg plants and saplings, Kallingal is known to be one of the few Plantations which houses over 30 varieties of original Nutmeg varieties. Since decades, Kallingal plantation is known to have been in the business of farming, educating and creating quality produce. From Nutmeg, Arecanut and coconuts, every plant at Kallingal is known for its unique originality.

The Plantation is owned by Ciby Kallingal and his family. Kallingal Plantation is home for over 12 Dogs of 3 different breeds, Chickens, Horses and ducks among many others. With the natural habitat well preserved, its not a rare sight to find a Flying squirrel in close vicinity or other wild animals which are rare elsewhere. The ecosystem is well preserved with over 30 Varieties of Nutmeg trees and 10 Varieties of Coconut Trees.

Kallingal plantation also educates students from the agricultural university and the students are constant visitors for practical advises. Over the years, there are 1000’s of students who have been educated in preserving the ecosystem while farming and how to farm efficiently in a traditional manner with little to no Chemical fertilizers.

Ciby kallingal is also known to be an award winner for the Genome preservation in 2012 for nutmeg plants among many others.

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