Kallingal Nutmeg Nursery in Kerala

Kallingal Nutmeg Nursery is one of the few Nutmeg nurseries in Kerala which is government approved. The Kallingal Nutmeg nursery has its own reasons to be famous. The Nursery has over 30 varieties of Nutmeg plants and each with a distinction. Kallingal is one of the few award winners for Genome preservation of Nutmeg plants and that makes The Kallingal Plantation nursery one of the few to provide the best Saplings, from original Nutmeg trees. These nutmeg saplings are for you to purchase after checking the trees in the Kallingal plantation premises. You can check where these saplings derived from and the quality of the mother plant is for you to inspect.

n19The Kallingal Nutmeg nursery is known to have the best Nutmeg plants and from them the best of quality, preserving the best in the Nutmeg heredity. the Nutmeg plants in Kallingal plantations are over 50 years old and have a yield which is incomparable to others. 50-60 Nuts could go up to one kilo in the Kallingal plantation nutmeg yield as opposed to 80-100 Nuts which make one kilo in the general market. The Nutmeg seeds are not only big and heavy but are also high in Yield.

With an increased yield of 30% more than most other saplings available, the core Kallingal Nutmeg saplings are known for its original nutmeg produce of the best quality. The Farm is a haven for Nutmeg specialists with Ciby as the guide. With expertise in Cutting and Grafting of nutmegs, Ciby is also involved in the learning everything about nutmeg and its plantation continuously through the University from time to time.

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