Ancient times may have seen the good and the bad. Very few of them have been noted though and one such event which made history was the war for spices. The History of nutmeg goes way back to the 15th century when the only source for nutmeg was from the Malacca Island. The Arabs were the sole traders of Nutmeg and their source was a mystery to all. the popularity of nutmeg though was started by the Saint Theodore who asked Nutmeg to be sprinkled over the puddings. During the Elizabethan the rumors of Nutmeg’s ability to ward of Plague made a great impact on the sale and value of Nutmeg.

a9Nutmeg was gaining popularity and its price was going higher than ever. The value of the commodity was artificial and the best money was gained by traders from the Arabs. Sooner than later, the Portuguese and dutch got wind of the location and the dutch was the first to occupy the Malacca island. a short stint of the Portuguese entry to Malacca saw the plants, saplings and even trees with the soil transported to various other Portuguese colonies in the effort to grow the spice elsewhere. The Nutmeg trees were planted in Srilanka and various other locations which were thought suitable.

In the meanwhile, the dutch were the sole producers of nutmeg with the Mallaca Island in their hands. Till world war 2, the spice was priced up to 80-90 pound shillings in Europe and UK for a single pound. Prices were inflated with the drop or produce and the dutch burning existing commodities of nutmeg.

Till the world war 2, the benefits of Nutmeg was un-proven scientifically but with the science taking its edge, after the world war 2 there have been significant research on nutmeg and evidence in the ability of nutmeg to cure ailments. Currently, nutmeg is produced in Indonesia and parts of India where the weather and soil is suitable. the prices for nutmeg often varies and is currently steep after the tsunami hit the Indonesian island .

The History of nutmeg was a roller coaster and even today the prices for nutmeg is on the high with various uses to it.