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Ciby Kallingal – A True Saviour of Nutmeg

An Article in SPICE INDIA    Vol. 28, No. 11, November 2015 When one of the first nurseries in South India commenced operation in 1908 in Channoth area near Pattikkad in Thrichur district, the proprietor, Ollukaran Thomakutty...

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Nutmeg varieties

Nutmeg types and characters Type Characters KALLINGAL – 1 Tall, Good Spread, Normal Nut, Full Mace, Year Round Yield (Approximately above 4000 nuts/year)80-90 nuts/kg      3 gram/mace KALLINGAL – 2 Tall, Good Spread, Big Nut...

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Nutmeg Nursery and Plantations

Kallingal Plantations is considered to be the best Nutmeg Nursery in Kerala with vast areas under Nutmeg cultivation. Nutmeg plantations and the nursery are famous for the quality and variety of Nutmeg seedlings. About Kallingal...

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Kallingal Nutmeg Nursery in Kerala

Kallingal Nutmeg Nursery is one of the few Nutmeg nurseries in Kerala which is government approved. The Kallingal Nutmeg nursery has its own reasons to be famous. The Nursery has over 30 varieties of Nutmeg plants and each with...

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It all comes down to Nutmeg:

Its time to get nutmegized…!!! Be it a sprinkling on eggnog, a blended latte or a spice cake, nutmeg is there for you. It has been praised for its extraordinary uses and medicinal properties. Nutmeg has a brown look but...

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