Kallingal Nutmeg Nursery in Kerala

Kallingal Nutmeg Nursery is one of the few Nutmeg nurseries in Kerala which is government approved. The Kallingal Nutmeg nursery has its own reasons to be famous. The Nursery has over 30 varieties of Nutmeg plants and each with a distinction. Kallingal is one of the few award winners for Genome preservation of Nutmeg plants […]

Nutmeg – the nature’s bounty

Nutmeg is the seed of nutmeg tree, egg­shaped. Nutmeg harvesting takes place 7 – ­9 years after planting. The trees reach full production after 20 years. Nutmeg tree is important for two species, derived from the fruit nutmeg and mace. Several other commercial products are also produced from the nutmeg tree which includes essential oils, extracted […]